The age of the Internet of Things is now. IoT is driving change and raising competitive forces in a range of companies and industries.  In the coming decade trillions of dollars will be invested in IoT in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance and many other verticals,  yet today less than 30% of c-level executives surveyed have a definitive Internet of Things strategy.

Today’s IoT leaders are faced with growing need for execution and skills  CHIEFIoT seeks to empower leaders with the strategic insights, organizational tactics and team skills needed to be the “Chief IoT”.   Every organization using IoT technologies needs a Chief IoT; a person who leads owns and drives IoT forward for the organization.

The goal of CHIEFIoT is to become the leading resource on IoT strategy to C-Suite executives in the Fortune 1000 and beyond. While there are dozens of sites and publications focused on IoT technologies, parts, and standards,  there is no single resource bringing together the brightest brains in IoT to help business leaders.  Our job is to help executives understand, develop and execute IoT strategies.  

Editorial Mission:

CHIEFIoT provides C-Suite executives strategic, focused information, advice, insights, resources, and peer group community regarding the opportunities and threats and execution of the Internet of Things products, services, and new technologies.

CHIEFIoT Believes:

  • The Internet of Things is a concept as powerful as the Internet itself
  • The Internet of Things has the potential to make humanity safer, sustainable and more secure.
  • The Internet of Things will create an enduring engine of economic growth.
  • The Internet of Things will create new jobs.
  • The Internet of Things is a powerful force of disruption that will affect many of the world’s leading organizations.